In an activity a struggle ensues between 2 boys [Boy 1 and Boy 2].

Other children are about in other activities. They notice the struggle and go to separate the 2 boys.

Other children – Stop! Stop fighting!
Boy 1 – He started it first!
Boy 2 – No, you started it first!
1st girl – If neither of you started it first, why not stop it first!

The 2 fighting boys sniff and turn away their faces.

2nd girl – It is very wrong of you as Christians to fight. You could injure each other badly and that will cause you and your loved ones pain.
1st boy – That is right. We can solve our problem by simply talking over the matter without bitterness.
2nd boy – When one person talks the other listens. And vice versa. In this way you will both understand your positions and work things out for the better.
Boy 1 – But he is full of foul words and not considerate when he speaks to you.
Boy 2 – Well, I have news for you, your words stink too.
1st girl – Please stop! It is important that we understand the effect of words. Jesus said, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Your words are reflections of your thoughts and make people see what you really are inside of you.
2nd girl – Surely, you don’t want to be seen as someone with a bad mind. Remember God made us in His image and likeness and so we should be like God who is good at all times and made all things good for us.
1st boy – In the gospel of John chapter 1, verses 1 to 3 – St. John said Jesus is the Word of God who was there with God at the beginning and through Him all things were made, and without Him nothing was made that has been made.
Boy 2 – You mean everything made through the Word of God was actually through our Lord Jesus Christ?
1st boy – Yes.
2nd boy – St. John continues in verses 4 and 5 to say that in Jesus was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
Boy 1 – If in Him I have life and He made me in His likeness, then my life should reflect this light in darkness. [Then proffers a handshake to Boy 2,] I am sorry I reacted like I did.
Boy 2 – [Taking the handshake,] No, it’s my fault, I offended you with my words. From now on I will be careful with my words knowing now how powerful they can be: God’s Word created all things and gave life to us; and His Word was God Himself, Jesus.
1st girl – From now on, we should use words that will impact positively on others and show that we are the children of light, children of God.

Song performance –


1.      Word of God come down on earth
Living Rain from heaven descending,
Touch our hearts and bring to birth
Faith, hope and unending love.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
The Cornerstone of my life,
Jesus, Jesus Christ my only hope
The Cornerstone of my life.
2.      Word Almighty, you we adore
Word eternal throned on high,
Word that brought creation to life,
Made flesh, we long to hear You.
3.      Word that came from heaven to die,
Crucified to save us
Saving Word, restoring the world,
Speak to us Lord, your outpouring love.

Written by IfeanyiChukwu Oluwafemi Chukwudi – April 2016

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