At his corner of the world, Femi immersed himself for five years in his work with the UNESCO in different parts of the world as his job designated. He found Martha, whom he shared common values and married her. Their values were beyond the job they shared and were founded in God as their basis, life and end. They raised a family together traveling to wherever he was redeployed, upholding their Christian faith to live, teach and give in the love of God. At the expiration of his contract with the UNESCO five years after and with his wife’s cooperation, they settled in Britain, his wife’s country of origin, and Femi returned to school for another degree in Political Science in a British University, while his wife secured a teaching job in the same University.

His desire to serve mankind redirected to a focus in mending his country. He was greatly saddened by his people’s worsening poverty and shamed by the mockery from the different countries he travelled. They mocked the fact that his country was endowed with many minerals and crops, yet it focused on one which it would not utilize effectively but clandestinely to the insane enrichment of some political juggernauts and to the detriment of the common man. It put the administration of the minerals into the exclusive arm of government and left them dormant. Secondly, they mocked the incapability of his people to curb the corruption of their leaders and the fact that they could not produce a couple of sincere and principled leaders with purpose to serve country and people.
Although the couple was aware of the danger inherent in his country’s politics, they decided to trust in their instinct, purpose and in God’s help to whom they prayed fervently. Hence, enthused by his wife’s support for him to pursue a political cause he returned to his country after his second degree, formed a political party with some morally upright individuals he knew well from long time before he left the country, and then gradually won his way into the people’s hearts.
Luckily for him, his father had a change of heart towards him before he passed away. He had realized that Femi’s heart was in the right place and had spent the family’s money on charity. And so, he left a condition to give him the majority assets he left behind only if Femi would grow them while he still continued his philanthropic work. For this reason, Femi found the financial resource he needed for his political cause with the good sense to keep his inheritance growing at the same time. Hence, he got his wife and siblings to manage the businesses his father bequeathed him, while he pursued a political career beginning from the communities he grew up and did humanitarian works in. These people knew and remembered him for his antecedents, his principles and charitable character, and trusted in his manifestoes. Voted in as the Chairman of a Local Government, he developed the slums and made a decent living of the inhabitants. He made himself available to the local communities and worked together with them to improve their ecosystem and agriculture. His party continuously raised its voice against the ruling party’s policies and operations and became the loudest opposition party in the country. He funded some research to improve certain technologies and inventions of some poor youngsters that further yielded improvement of lives in the country and globally. At the end of four years in the local government, the inhabitants enjoyed an improved standard of living, the country felt his and his party impact, the world heard about and got to know him. Then the larger constituency of his State urged him to run for the State Government. While he did so, he supported his party members to also run for the State and the Federal Houses, as well as other gubernatorial. With media support and the majority support of the people, he became a force to reckon with and an international favourite that threatened the bases of other political parties.
The two political juggernauts had thought him insignificant at first, even when he and his party members won majority of the Local Government offices in a State over their parties’ bid. Now that they realized their mistakes, all attempts to eliminate him before the global watch and condemnation failed. He and his party members won more of the political offices they vied for and were further impactful in their jurisdictions.

Continues in part 4 …

Written by IfeanyiChukwu Oluwafemi Chukwudi – 9/9/2017

Image by Unsplash: Tamarcus Brown

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  1. This is a typical example of a popular saying: \”As you may your bed so you lie in it\”. Sometimes you don't need rocket science to predict your tomorrow. Life is about doing the right thing, impacting lives, creating and innovating. Not about making fas money or cutting corners


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