Milipadarose Ventures was registered in September 30, 2011 for media and general businesses.

Presently we have: Milipadarose Pictures which cover events and do graphics and motions edits and effects to produce fabulous Photos and riveting Videos; there is also Milipadarose Groceries [MiliGroceries], a convenient market experience for clean, fresh and readily packaged groceries, in our shop or via home-delivery; and there is our blog, MiliPen, where we write Inspiring Stories & Articles.

The company Values integrity, passionate execution of jobs; unique innovations, good judgement and communication among team and with clients; as well as strive for excellence.

Our Mission is to RENEW THE EARTH with the production of innovative, gospel and inspirational media contents, and with all our dealings.

Our Vision is to be reckoned globally for positive change through quality and inspiring productions and integrity in all our businesses.

Our Mission Statement – Renewing the Earth.

Our Motto – God First.

So help us God.