PART ONE The prison yard was completely silent on the day Uchenna had an august visitor. Two guards led him to a room where the President, guarded by uniformed officers, sat waiting for him. They met each other’s gaze with no smiles. The President signaled all the guards to leave the room. Alone with him,… Read More


Making a life-time decision that would give her fulfillment was an enormous task for the young lady fondly called Carol. However, her modest extroversion did well in hiding the burden in her heart. She played and laughed pretty well and everyone in her world was welcomed into her benevolence. The beggars on the streets daily… Read More


Chike took a deep breath before turning the door handle of his house. Ronke, his neighbor, had called him while he was still in his office that he had a still born and his wife, Amaka, had eloped from the hospital with another woman’s child. She added that his wife had refused to accept that… Read More


Continues … Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash Both points of view – after the date: Later in the night, Segun beat himself severally in bed. On reflection, he could not believe how stupid he was during the date. How could he have been so disgusting, even to himself? He had told Sope to let him find a… Read More


Continues …  Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash Tolu’s point of view – Tolu breathed a heavy sigh at the threshold of the restaurant. She did not want to do this because she thought blind dates could be awkward for the two people involved. But Lara, her friend, had insisted. ‘You’re not getting any younger, Tolu. Every woman… Read More


Segun’s point of view – Segun waited for her to arrive. It was ten minutes past the agreed time. “That’s okay;” he thought, “men are expected to wait for women. They are the weaker sex and always take their time to look good for men.” Not that he had had any date with a woman… Read More