Let Me Be A Little More Music Video

Lyrics: Glen Campbell, 1968 Let me be a little kinder close my eyes a little more to the fault of those around me – by 3 friends to sad girl Let me praise a little more [2ce] Let me be, when I am weary Less concerned about myself, Let me serve a little better –… Read More

Soldiers of Christ Music Video

Lyrics: Soldiers of Christ, arise – Charles Wesley (1749) Soldiers of Christ, arise And put your armor on, Strong in the strength which God supplies Thro’ His eternal Son; Strong in the Lord of hosts And in His mighty power. Who in the strength of Jesus trusts Is more than conqueror. Stand then in His… Read More

Sons of God Music Video

This is a musical of a short film the kids and I shot sometime in 2015/16. The kids are bigger and bolder now, I must say. The film is titled YOUNG MINISTERS and the episode from which this song is extracted is SONS OF GOD. It is based on simple Christian teachings and the mission… Read More

Come Holy Spirit Music Video

Lyrics: COME HOLY SPIRIT ⦁ The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost, He came to mighty fullness then; His witness thru believers won the lost, And multitudes were born again. The early Christians scattered o’er the world, They preached the Gospel fearlessly; Tho’ some were martyred and to lions hurled, They marched along in victory! Chorus… Read More

Sons of God Musical Drama

I shot Sons of God in 2016. I did not have much money to invest in shooting it, and so, I approached the Pastor of the Church I attend to allow me use the Church premises and property, and he let me. With his approval, I also approached the coordinators of the children’s choir in… Read More

Soldiers of Christ Musical Drama

Script: EPISODE – SOLDIERS OF CHRIST ARISE – TALENTS  Introductory tune – Children [3 girls and 3 boys] playing and then – 1st boy – What would you like to be when you grow up? 2nd boy – An artist. Others who heard the question also answered – 1st girl – A doctor! 2nd girl… Read More

Come Holy Spirit Musical Drama

Script: EPISODE – COME HOLY SPIRIT – VIRTUES Introductory tune. A group of four children [sitting] are studying and another group of four enter and approach them [standing]. 1st standing – What are you doing? 1st sitting – Learning our Catechism. 1st standing – What lesson are you learning about? 1st sitting – Our teacher… Read More